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Whether a child’s parents are divorced or have never been married, the child is legally entitled to financial support from both parents. Typically, the parent who does not have physical or residential custody of the child will have to pay child support to the parent who does. At the Illinois family law firm of Kezy & Associates, we are experienced in handling child support matters related to divorce and paternity cases. Our Orland Park divorce lawyers represent clients on both sides of these matters and strongly advocate for fair resolutions that protect our clients’ interests and the needs of the child(ren) involved.

How Child Support Awards Are Determined in Illinois

Child support payments are regular payments (typically monthly) made from one parent to the other. In most cases, it is the non-custodial parent who pays the custodial parent. In Illinois, the presumptive amount of child support owed is determined by a statutory formula that uses the paying parent’s net income as a basis. The child support payment is calculated as follows (according to 750 ILCS 5/505 Sec. 505):

  • 20% of net income for 1 child;
  • 28% of net income for 2 children;
  • 32% of net income for 3 children;
  • 40% of net income for 4 children;
  • 45% of net income for 5 children; and
  • 50% of net income for 6 or more children.

These guidelines are closely followed in most cases, but the court can decide that there are extenuating factors that are grounds for deviating from this formula. For example, if the child has additional financial needs, such as medical or educational expenses, the paying parent may be required to pay more. Likewise, the court may consider the financial resources and needs of both the custodial and non-custodial parent.

Child support arrangements can also be negotiated out of court. If they are, the court must approve them, however. We are experienced in handling child support negotiations and litigation. We understand the importance of resolving child support matters fairly and ensuring that children are properly provided for. Whether you are the custodial or non-custodial parent, our Orland Park divorce lawyers will fight for your interests and the interests of your children.

If you are seeking to resolve child support issues as part of a divorce or other family law matter, contact us at (708) 518-8200 to schedule a free consultation. We will explain how child support is handled in Illinois courts and how that applies to your family. Our firm is experienced in handling child support matters for parents at all income levels, including couples involved in high asset divorces. From our office in Will County, we serve clients in all matters of family law needs.

Family Law News

Illinois family laws changed on January 1, 2016. Click here to read how child custody and visitation were affected.

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