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Violence of any kind directed towards a child is abhorrent, and protecting the child from further abuse is always the top priority. At Kezy & Associates, we are experienced in handling cases involving juvenile abuse allegations. We can assist in obtaining orders of protection for victims, as well as representing the interests of the child in child custody matters. At the same time, our Will County family law attorneys also provide legal counsel and representation to parents who have been falsely accused of juvenile abuse in order to obtain the upper hand in a custody dispute.

Juvenile Abuse in Divorce

When negotiating and litigating a divorce, among the most contentious matters to decide are child custody and visitation. If one parent is physically, verbally, or sexually abusive towards the child(ren), that can dramatically impact the custody arrangement. Whether you are currently going through a divorce or you have an existing custody arrangement that requires modification following allegations of abuse, we can help. Attorney Mark L. Kezy has over 25 years of experience working with challenging family law cases including those involving juvenile abuse. We strongly advocate for the safety of the children we are protecting using every available legal mechanism.

Orders of Protection for Juvenile Abuse

An emergency order of protection on behalf of a child is available at any time day or night based solely on the allegation of abuse. If granted, such an order can remove a child from the care of an alleged abuser and supersede any custody or visitation rights for a short period of time until a hearing can be held. If the allegation is substantiated at the subsequent plenary hearing, the abuser can be barred from having contact with the child for up to two years or more if the order is extended. We can assist you in applying for an emergency order of protection and represent you in the hearing that follows.

False Allegations of Juvenile Abuse

Unfortunately, some allegations of child abuse and neglect are falsely asserted in order to manipulate the outcome of a divorce or parentage case. False allegations can have damaging results, and it is essential to fight back aggressively to protect your parenting rights. Our Will County family law attorneys have experience representing parents who have been falsely accused and helping prevent an unnecessary and unfair order of protection.

If you suspect your child has been the victim of domestic violence or you have been falsely accused of victimizing a child, contact us at 708-518-8200 to schedule a free consultation to discuss your legal options. We will listen carefully to your account of your situation and provide experienced legal advice about how to proceed. We work with clients in Orland Park and throughout Will County.

Family Law News

Illinois family laws changed on July 1, 2017. Click here to read how child support was affected.

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