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How Long May a Divorce That Entails Substantial Asset Division Take to Resolve?

Interviewer : Because your cases may tend to be more complex, do they take substantially longer to resolve?

Promoting Resolution : The Right Attorney to Handle Your Divorce Will Institute Case Management

Mark Kezy : To be honest with you, I generally resolve my cases pretty quickly. When I say quickly, I mean within a year to maybe 16 months. This is because when I get a case, I say “Okay, let’s get this thing ready for trial and let’s set a trial date.” Or, I initiate what we would call case management, where you would set discovery cutoff. Certain cutoffs, like discovery have to be done by a certain date, pre-trials have to be done by this date and here’s a trial date.

What it does is it puts you in the position where either you’re going to settle the case or if you’re not going to settle the case, you’re going to go to trial.

When you do not institute case management, you may have the type of case that lingers around for 2 to 4 years, which really doesn’t benefit my practice or my client.

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