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Typically, Does the Client’s Personality Matches That of Their Attorney’s?

Interviewer : It sounds as if the emotional state of these older clients is very different from other, younger clients?

Mark Kezy : It really depends on the parties. I’ve always said that people receive attorneys that match their personalities. One of the approached that I’ve always done is I’ve always taken a very practical business-like approach to practice of law. I exhibit common sense. There is no substitute for good common sense.

Common Sense or Retribution: What Is the Best Approach for a Divorce Attorney?

If you want to come in and you’re angry and you’re hurt and you want to punish the other side, you’re going to find an attorney that’s going to do that.

As an experienced divorce attorney, we’re not creating any magic for you. What you’re paying for is somebody that when you say “Here’s what my situation is”, they’re going to be able to sit down with you and say “I’ve heard what you said, I know what you’ve have, I know the circumstances and this is pretty much how things are going to happen”.

I always tell clients, “Look, this is how it unfolds if you do things the hard way or whether you do things the easy way. The hard way is you litigate everything. The easy way is that you sit down and you talk to your attorney and after he tells you what’s going to happen, you say, “I understand. Please make this happen.”

Whether you do it the hard way or whether you do it the easy way, you’re still going to end up pretty much in the same spot. It’s just a matter of how much time and how much money you want to take to get there.

Some people come in and they’re angry, they’re hurt, they want to punish the other side. If they really want it, they’re going to find an attorney who is going to do that. They’re going to find an attorney who is going to be a cheerleader. They’re going to find somebody who is going to tell them what they want to hear.

Getting a Divorce: Retribution Can Take More Time and Certainly Is More Expensive

At the end of the day, after a lot more time and money, they’re going to end up pretty much in the same spot. Most of my clients are people who come in and they use their heads. There’s common sense. They’re looking for somebody who is going to treat this with common sense.

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