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Business Valuation Dispute Resolution Attorneys

Business Valuation Dispute Lawyers

When a business or business interests are part of a marital estate, it is important to accurately value the business so that it can be properly distributed along with the other marital assets. Business valuation is a complex process, however, and often divorcing spouses to do not agree on how much the business is worth. At the Illinois divorce law firm of Kezy & Associates, we are experienced in handling divorces involving business interests. Our divorce attorneys have worked with all types of business valuations, and we work hard to ensure our clients’ rights and interests are thoroughly protected.

Valuing Business Interests in Divorce

If you or your spouse owns a business or you both own a business together, the business may be subject to division in a divorce. A determination must be made as to whether the business is part of the marital estate or considered separate property. If the business was bought or formed prior to the marriage or after the marriage but solely using separate funds, the business may not be included in the marital estate. Consequently, it will not be subject to division. In most other cases, however, business interests will be divided in the divorce.

In order to ensure the property and asset division process is handled properly, a true value of the business must be obtained. This is done with the assistance of knowledgeable experts including forensic accountants. With over 25 years of experience handling divorces involving business interests, we have built a trusted network of experienced and capable business valuation experts to draw from. We understand what it takes to quantify the current and future financial prospects of a business and how that information is used to ascertain the present value for the company.

Disputed Business Valuations in Divorce

It is not uncommon for ex-spouses to aggressively disagree with business valuations obtained by the opposing party. Sometimes either or both parties will seek to inflate or deflate the value of the business, depending on whether or not they seek to retain the business or allow their spouses to buy-out their interests. Disagreements over business value can become contentious, as large sums of money are often at stake. Our divorce attorneys are prepared to handle these situations and to strongly advocate for our clients’ financial rights.

When your divorce involves a business or business interests, our firm can help you obtain an accurate business valuation and represent your rights through asset division negotiations and litigation. Contact us to schedule a complimentary consultation to discuss your legal options.

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