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High Asset Divorce Attorneys

Property Division Lawyers

When a divorce involves high value assets, dealing with property division and support matters can become extremely complex. In these cases, hiring an attorney who is experienced in handling high asset divorces is essential. At the Illinois divorce law firm of Kezy & Associates, we are skilled in dealing with the issues raised in high asset divorces. With over 25 years of experience practicing family law in Illinois, our divorce lawyers have represented thousands of clients in marriage dissolution cases.

Property Division in High Asset Divorces in Illinois

When a marital estate includes high value assets, such as real estate holdings, stocks, business interests, retirement accounts, IRAs, etc. dividing those assets can be a challenging endeavor. Illinois is an equitable distribution state, which means that property divided in a divorce does not have to be divided equally. Rather, the property should be divided fairly. Obtaining a full and accurate accounting of all of the assets in an estate and their value is the first step in the property and asset division process. This may require a forensic analysis of the estate including uncovering hidden assets. Marital property and non-marital property must be identified and separated. Our firm is skilled in handling even the most complex of marital estates. We listen to our clients’ objectives and work hard to achieve them.

Other Issues in High Asset Divorce Proceedings

Child and spousal support are also often hotly contested matters in high asset divorces. While child support is generally determined based on a statutory formula, alimony, or spousal maintenance, is more subjective. Judges have significant discretion when determining spousal support. We know how to make effective arguments on behalf of our clients, and we have a long track record of obtaining successful outcomes for our clients.

If you are considering filing for divorce or your spouse already has and you have a valuable marital estate, contact us to schedule a complimentary and confidential consultation. Our divorce lawyers will go over the circumstances of your divorce and explain what you are entitled to under the law. Our attorneys are committed to fighting to ensure our clients receive fair settlements and judgments in their divorces.

Illinois family laws changed on July 1, 2017. Click here to read how child support was affected.