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Legal Guidance for Remarriage After Divorce

Are you looking to get remarried after your divorce? Is your ex-spouse? In the state of Illinois, this can be done at any time after the divorce has been finalized. There are some issues about remarriage that you should be aware of, however. At the Illinois divorce law firm of Kezy & Associates, we can advise you on how dating and remarriage can impact your divorce decree. With over 25 years of experience guiding spouses through the divorce process, our divorce attorneys have seen it all and know how to make sure our clients’ interests are protected.

Dating During Your Divorce Proceedings

It can take a couple years for a divorce to be finalized, particularly if you are pursuing a no-fault divorce. During that time, dating is not uncommon, though it is not recommended, either. There are some potential hazards when dating during your divorce, including:

  • It can cause conflict with your spouse, making it more difficult to achieve an amicable divorce;
  • Your dates can be deposed by opposing counsel to determine if your relationship began prior to physical separation from your spouse; and
  • If martial funds are used on dating someone else, you could be ordered to repay that money to your spouse.

If you choose to date, it is important to do so with discretion, especially around children, and to be mindful of how a new relationship can aggravate a pending divorce.

Consequences of Remarriage After Divorce

The most significant consequence of getting remarried after a divorce is how it impacts alimony. In Illinois, alimony ends automatically if a supported spouse is remarried. The supporting spouse does not have to go back to court. He or she may simply stop sending periodic alimony payments. If a supporting spouse gets remarried and must support a new family, there may also be case for ending or reducing alimony to a former spouse, particularly if the former spouse is employable. Remarriage can also impact child support orders and child custody arrangements in some cases.

If you are considering getting remarried or your former spouse has gotten remarried, contact us to schedule a free consultation to discuss how this impacts you. Our divorce attorneys will answer your questions and provide experienced legal counsel on how to protect your interests.

Illinois family laws changed on July 1, 2017. Click here to read how child support was affected.