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Relationships have their ups and their downs. Some last forever, and some do not. At the Illinois divorce law firm of Kezy & Associates, we understand that sometimes relationships end in divorce. Whether a marriage involves a heterosexual couple or a same-sex couple, getting a divorce is a serious life event. Our Will County family law attorneys provide experienced and compassionate legal counsel and seek to resolve all matters related to your divorce efficiently and as favorably as possible.

Same Sex Divorce and Civil Union Dissolution in Illinois

In Illinois, same-sex marriage has been legal since June 1, 2014 when the Religious Freedom – Marriage Act (750 ILCS 80/) went into effect. According to this law, married gay and lesbian couples in Illinois have all the same rights as heterosexual couples, including the right to a divorce. Illinois also recognizes same sex marriages performed in other states where same sex marriage is legal. Consequently, these couples are also eligible to get a divorce in Illinois.

Prior to the legalization of same-sex marriage in Illinois, civil unions were available to gay and lesbian couples (as of 2011). Couples who have entered into civil unions also have all of the same legal rights and obligations as married couples in Illinois. Dissolving a civil union is very much like a divorce and all of the same issues must be resolved, including:

Whether you are seeking a divorce or the dissolution of a civil union, there are some issues unique to same-sex couples. For one, child custody matters may have added complexity, particularly if one parent is the biological parent and the other does not have a formalized relationship with the child through adoption.

Additionally, since same-sex couples have only recently obtained the right to marriage and civil unions in this state, the marital property may not be that substantial. The law does not classify marital property as property that was acquired during a relationship, but rather property that was acquired after the marriage or civil union. This can add complexity to the property and asset division process.

If you are considering ending a same sex marriage or civil union, contact us at 708-518-8200 to schedule a free consultation to discuss your legal options. We are experienced in working with same-sex clients and we understand the unique issues you may face. Our Will County family law attorneys work with clients throughout Will County and the surrounding areas.

Illinois family laws changed on July 1, 2017. Click here to read how child support was affected.