After the Holidays, Divorce May Be Lurking

The winter holiday season has just about arrived. For approximately the next six weeks or so, families around the country will be getting together to celebrate in their own tradition—several times, in many cases, when Thanksgiving is combined with the end of the year holidays. By mid-January, things should be pretty well back to normal. For some families, however, the months that follow the winter holiday season may hold the prospect of divorce.

Seasons of Divorce

A recent study found that there are two distinct periods during the year in which divorce filings spike. The first period is in the month of March, shortly after the hustle and bustle of the winter holidays die down and credit card bills begin to accumulate. The second period with more divorce filings is in August, as summer vacation ends and families return to their everyday lives. Both periods seem to follow a time that many associate with happiness and family togetherness.

Why the Trend?

The post-winter holiday divorce season is one that marriage and family experts have known about for some time, but it is hard to know exactly why the trend continues. It is possible, relationship professionals surmise, that family holidays like Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, and Christmas offer a struggling couple a brief respite from their problems, but when the parties are over, things are just as bad, if not worse than before. In the most extreme cases, some couples may even view the winter holidays as the opportunity to fix their deteriorating relationship, leading to even more severe lows when reconciliation does not work.

A couple’s consideration for their children may also play a role in the timing of a post-holiday divorce filing. Parents who are not holding out false hope of repairing their marriage have no intention of allowing their children to associate the winter holidays with divorce and pain. Waiting a few weeks can create the space that some children—and parents—may need.

Get the Guidance You Need

If you believe that a divorce may be in your near future, do not allow it to consume you and ruin your enjoyment of the upcoming holiday festivities. Organize your thoughts and plans, write them down, and discuss them with an experienced Orland Park divorce attorney. Our team will help you develop a plan and a timeline for your divorce that takes into account your needs and those of your children. To learn more, call 708-518-8200 and schedule a free consultation at Kezy & Associates today.