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Divorce Presents Unique Challenges for Young Couples

The possibility of divorce is real at any age, of course, but many people tend to associate divorce with couples that are somewhat older. Some of these preconceptions may be driven by depictions on television and movies of mid-life crises driving couples apart in their forties and fifties. While such a situation may be a reality for some, for others, divorce may become necessary muchContinue reading

Studies Suggest Increased Risk of Suicide in Divorce Situations

It is well known by most people, whether through personal experience or a loved one, that divorce can often be the most trying time in your life. Effecting you socially, economically, and, more important, emotionally, these issues can weigh heavily on you, leading to severe and extremely dangerous psychological distress with consequences that can be deadly. The stress and emotional turbulence that divorce brings can prove toContinue reading

Re-Entering the Workforce after Divorce

Adjusting to a post-divorce life is often very difficult. While the divorce may have been absolutely necessary for the long-term health and happiness of both spouses, it can certainly have a major impact on their lifestyle and future. This can be especially true for a spouse who, during the marriage, was primarily a homemaker or a stay-at-home parent. The new family dynamic may mean that stayingContinue reading