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Using Outside Experts in Divorce

While many divorcing couples are able to end their marriage relatively easily, others are often faced with more complex struggles. A couple with no children, few marital assets, and fairly simple lifestyle is not likely to encounter the same challenges as a couple with several children, high net-worth, business interests, and real estate holdings. Divorce in such a situation can be an arduous process, wrought withContinue reading

Contesting an Order of Protection When You Are Falsely Accused

There is no question whatsoever that domestic violence and domestic abuse are real, attention-worthy problems in today’s society. Anyone who claims differently is either lying or oblivious to the truth. The existence of a social problem, of course, does not mean that domestic violence occurs in every household and family. It does, however, mean that when allegations are levied against an individual, they are often taken moreContinue reading

The Dangers of an Over-Aggressive Lawyer in Divorce

When you are faced with the possibility of divorce, you will need to choose a lawyer to help you through the process. While there is nothing in the law that requires you to hire legal counsel, navigating a divorce on your own is almost never a good idea. Selecting the right attorney, for most people, means finding a capable professional with whom they share values andContinue reading

Relocating With Your Child: Who Else is Around?

As you may be aware, recent changes to the Illinois Marriage and Dissolution of Marriage Act have made it more complicated to move with your child if you currently share parental responsibilities. On one hand, this is a good thing. It should not necessarily be easy to up and move without taking into account how the move will impact the other parent’s access and relationshipContinue reading

My Spouse Cheated; Now What?

There are few stronger feelings that one can experience than that of betrayal caused by an unfaithful spouse. Infidelity has always been a problem for married couples, and there seems to be no indication that things will ever really change. In fact, as technology continues to advance, new avenues and opportunities to cheat may only be making the situation worse for many couples. When youContinue reading

Divorce Presents Unique Challenges for Young Couples

The possibility of divorce is real at any age, of course, but many people tend to associate divorce with couples that are somewhat older. Some of these preconceptions may be driven by depictions on television and movies of mid-life crises driving couples apart in their forties and fifties. While such a situation may be a reality for some, for others, divorce may become necessary muchContinue reading

New Terminology in the Law Focuses on Parental Inclusion

The influence of language and communication in today’s world is tremendous. The schoolyard chant claiming “words could never hurt” is simply not true. Words can definitely hurt. They can also be used to bring people together, to overcome adversity, and to even change the world. For centuries, authors and playwrights have extolled the power that words can have, even compared to physical weapons of war–perhapsContinue reading

Consider a Life Insurance Policy to Protect Your Children after Divorce

You have probably seen countless advertisements on television or online about the importance of planning for your family’s future. Of course, most such ads are designed to sell you a life insurance policy or other types of financial planning services. There is, however, an element of truth to what is being said: it truly is important to plan for the security of your family. ItContinue reading