Staying in Control of Your Divorce

Ending your marriage through the process of divorce can be complicated and, at times, overwhelming. There are, however, steps that you can take that can help reduce the confusion and keep you focused on the new life that awaits on the other side of your divorce. Perhaps the most important thing you can do is to work closely with a qualified divorce attorney who can provide the guidance you need and the peace of mind you deserve.

As you approach the divorce process, do your best to:

Be Organized

You can begin preparing for your divorce long before you ever file any paperwork with the court. Your preparations should start with a comprehensive inventory of everything that you and your spouse own and, if you can remember, when each asset was acquired. Also consider making a list of objectives for your divorce, listing your ideal outcome for each necessary consideration. Do you want the martial home? Would an equal share of decision-making responsibilities and parenting time regarding your children be workable? You may need to compromise down the road but by organizing your thoughts early on, you can be ready for the challenges that lie ahead.

Be Respectful

Nothing can hinder progress in a divorce more than the refusal of either spouse remain civil and to work together. If you have reached the point of divorce, you have very little to gain by being spiteful and disrespectful to your spouse, even if he or she hurt you deeply during your marriage. Avoid speaking negatively about your soon-to-be ex in front of your children, as they deserve to have a healthy relationship with each of you, regardless of your divorce. If you and your spouse disagree on a particular issue, do so with civility, as hostility will only make the process more difficult for everyone involved.

Be On Time

During the course of your divorce, you may be required to submit certain documents with a certain amount of time and to appear in court on a number of occasions. If you are subject to a deadline or have been ordered to appear, be sure to remain in full compliance. Be on time with all of your filings and be in the courtroom when called for an appearance. Missed deadlines and failing to appear will not only delay the proceedings but could also result in a default judgment against you, depriving you of your ability to pursue your best interests in the process.

Let Us Help

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