Studies Suggest Increased Risk of Suicide in Divorce Situations

It is well known by most people, whether through personal experience or a loved one, that divorce can often be the most trying time in your life. Effecting you socially, economically, and, more important, emotionally, these issues can weigh heavily on you, leading to severe and extremely dangerous psychological distress with consequences that can be deadly.

The stress and emotional turbulence that divorce brings can prove to be insurmountable for almost anyone. That is not where the problem ends, however. In fact, divorce and divorce related issues are now the top cause of suicides throughout major cities in the United States. This become more than a problem, but actually an epidemic robbing people of lives and livelihood daily. In fact, recent studies have suggested that divorced people are three times more likely to commit suicide.

Many have tried to fully account for the situation, but if one thing remains clear, it is this: divorced men are much more likely to succeed in the act of suicide than women. This disproportionate statistic is often attributed to duties surrounding children, and more specifically child custody. Divorced men can become disconnected with kids by the nature of the entire process and can feel left out, isolated, or meaningless in the lives of their children life. In turn, this can easily lead to depression, and subsequent suicide.

Not only are men more susceptible to suicidal thoughts than women, but taking into account the increased psychological and physiological benefits of married men compared to female counterparts, a divorce can be devastating–especially approaching middle age.

Today’s middle aged man was generally raised in a more traditional fashion, taking on the masculine role as the primary benefactor. When there is nobody left to support, many men will do virtually anything to fill the void. This includes drug and alcohol abuse, gambling, as well as other risk taking behaviors that can increase the chances of suicide occurring.

If you are going through an Illinois divorce, there is light at the end of the tunnel–and a chance at happiness. The issues that begin to compound during an impending divorce, can often be alleviated with the help of a family law professional. Contact an experienced divorce attorney in Will County at Kezy & Associates. Our team is not only equipped to assist you with your legal concerns, but we will also work with you to explore your options for future stability and long-term health.