Take Steps Toward an Amicable Divorce

The decision to end your marriage is, of course, not one to be taken lightly. Divorce should always be a last resort. On the other hand, when it becomes unavoidable or even necessary, it is possible to navigate the process with a sense of cooperation and civility, despite the reality of the situation. Around the country, and in Illinois especially, there is growing recognition of the benefits of an amicable divorce compared to a more contentious, litigated dissolution. A cooperative divorce, though, will not just happen on its own; it requires commitment and work from both spouses throughout the entire journey.


Long before the petition for divorce is ever filed, you and your spouse can explicitly decide to work together in resolving your differences. By virtue of your marriage, it is reasonable to assume that you, at some point, were committed to each other’s best interests. A bitter divorce is unlikely to provide either of you with the closure you need to move forward, while more peaceful dissolution may be able to offer just that.


There are countless reasons why you may be seeking a divorce, and poor communication between you and your spouse is likely to be among them. To facilitate an amicable settlement, though, you will both need to make a renewed effort to express yourself reasonably and to listen to what the other has to say. This will allow you identify each other’s needs and areas of concern so they can be addressed and resolved.


You and your spouse will likely have differing opinions on what aspects of the divorce are worth a bigger fight than others. If you decide to stand your ground on every possible issue, you will never be able to reach any sort of workable resolution. Instead, choose your battles. Make it clear—in a civil manner—to your spouse that you are not willing to compromise on certain subjects, but would be happy to stipulate on others. Negotiation requires compromise, of course, but it also requires you to identify what is truly important.


In any divorce situation, it is vital to work with an experienced Orland Park family law attorney along the way. We can help you ensure that your amicable divorce agreement contains all of the necessary elements to make it enforceable under the law. Call 708-518-8200 to schedule your free initial consultation at Kezy & Associates today and get the assistance you need.



3 Tips for an Amicable Divorce