Understanding the Family Law Umbrella

Whether you have been searching for information on filing for divorce, looking for assistance with child support, or trying to learn more about spousal maintenance and how it works, you have likely come across the term family law along the way. So, what does it mean, and what areas does it cover exactly?

What Does Family Law Include?

Also referred to as matrimonial law, family law includes everything from adoption and legal separation to civil unions and paternity establishment. Attorneys who work in the area of family law typically provide service for all of these issues, in addition to the following needs:

  • Domestic violence orders of protection;
  • Prenuptial and postnuptial agreements;
  • Divorce;
  • Parenting agreements, parenting time (visitation), and allocation of parental responsibilities (child custody);
  • Mediation;
  • Property and asset division;
  • Surrogacy; and
  • Annulments.

The Statutes

Almost any issue related to domestic matters and the joining or separating of partners and/or spouses falls under the category of family law. Similar to other areas of law, family law consists of a collection of statutes on state and local levels that set the legal groundwork for how those who share a domestic relationship are to manage their responsibilities to one another.

Illinois Compiled Statutes govern family law in sections, touching on a number of categories to address all issues related to a specific topic. For example, where the subject of allocation of parental responsibilities (child custody) is addressed, there are governing guidelines on everything from decisions on a child’s health, education, and religious upbringing to their extracurricular activities and how parenting time is to be handled. As you can see, the statutes that cover family law are thorough, extensive, and designed to ensure that everyone’s best interests are acknowledged and protected.

The Attorney’s Role

Family law attorneys who work in these areas are knowledgeable sources of information for people seeking assistance and those overwhelmed by the numerous legal terms and technical jargon associated with them. The attorney’s role is not to merely interpret the law in these areas, but to utilize and apply it to protect and defend an individual’s best interest.

An attorney can help with the divorce filing process, the mediation process, provide general counsel, and answer any questions that may be unclear to the client. In turn, the client is equipped with the tools and confidence they need to take the necessary steps toward protecting their rights.

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