Using Outside Experts in Divorce

While many divorcing couples are able to end their marriage relatively easily, others are often faced with more complex struggles. A couple with no children, few marital assets, and fairly simple lifestyle is not likely to encounter the same challenges as a couple with several children, high net-worth, business interests, and real estate holdings. Divorce in such a situation can be an arduous process, wrought with complications and a myriad of various concerns. It may also require the services of a number of outside experts to provide guidance along the way.

Property and Financial Considerations

As an equitable distribution state, Illinois requires all marital property to be divided fairly in divorce—which is not to be confused with being divided equally. To do so, a couple must first clearly understand the value of the marital estate and the assets it includes. If the estate includes any real property, including the primary marital home, any vacation homes or timeshares, or investment properties, an outside expert in the field of real estate may be needed. He or she can appraise the properties in question to ensure they are properly considered during the divorce. Likewise, a business analyst can help do the same for any business interests held by either spouse.

Finally, a financial planner can assist the process by evaluating complicated retirement investments and pensions. He or she may also provide insight into how an equitable divorce agreement may benefit both parties in the future.

Children and Family Issues

Divorcing parents often struggle with how they will continue to provide for their children’s best interests in light of the marriage ending. Outside experts such as custody evaluators, mental and behavioral health professionals, and other family-oriented service providers can help parents develop a parenting plan designed to meet the needs of everyone involved.

Beyond the children’s needs, mental health professionals can often provide assistance for the divorce parties as well. They can help tailor a divorce settlement, including spousal maintenance provisions, if necessary, that promotes the future health and well-being of both spouses.

Testimony When Needed

In addition to their value in the negotiation phase of a divorce, outside experts can also be great service should the proceeding require litigation. Courts often rely on expert testimony to support or verify a spouse’s claims, and their contributions can provide guidance for the court in making a final determination. While there are usually additional expenses incurred in securing expert assistance, the resulting benefits are often well worth the investment.

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