Will Your Marriage Beat the Odds?

Many people who are going through a divorce have a lot of “if only” statements–if only I did this differently, if only my spouse did more of this. The search to find the reason why the marriage did not work out is a common one, however, the answer of why is often a hard one to find. However, there are several signs that may indicate that the marriage was just never meant for a happily ever after.

  • One of the first signs that a marriage was not meant to last is if there were fights about marriage early on. This was the conclusion of a Kansas State University study which found that those early arguments led to dissatisfaction with the marriage and ultimately, divorce.
  • How a couple handles money also affects their odds of divorce. A study by the National Center for Family and Marriage Research concluded that couples who maintain separate bank accounts have a whopping 145 percent increase of divorce risk than those that share joint finances.
  • A study by researchers at Emory University concluded that couples who dated less than three years before they got married had an almost 40 percent increase in their risk for divorce than couples who had a longer courtship.
  • The age you get married can make a difference in your divorce risk. The National Marriage Project found that couples who were married in their late teens or early twenties had a higher risk of marriage failure than older couples.
  • A great age difference between spouses can also hamper a marriage’s success. If there is at least a 10 year difference in age between husband and wife, their divorce risk jumps by 39 percent.
  • The University of Buffalo, to no surprise to many, conducted a study that proved that couples who have different drinking habits were more likely to divorce than couples with similar drinking habits.

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