Life Events Could Lead to Divorce

As anyone who has gone through a divorce could tell you, there is no way to predict which marriages will work and which ones will ultimately fail. There are countless reasons why couples could decide to end a marriage. Some reasons are common; other are not. A number of divorce studies have shown a pattern, however, of how some of the events that may occur in a couple’s relationship may be the catalyst of what drives them apart and ultimately finds them sitting on opposite sides of a family law courtroom.

Birth of a Child

One life event which can wreak havoc on a couple’s marriage may be surprising—the birth of a child. Having a baby, and all that goes with it, can cause couples to disconnect from one another. In one study, researchers found that almost 70 percent of couples became dissatisfied in their marriage within the first three years of the birth of a baby.

Living Apart

Another life event that can greatly affect a marriage is when circumstances cause a couple to live apart. This has been especially true for military families who have been forced to endure long-term deployments to Afghanistan and Iraq in recent years.

A 2013 study conducted by RAND Corporation found that the divorce rate was almost 30 percent higher for couples in which one spouse was in the military and had been deployed, compared to the rate for military couples prior to the terror attacks on September 11, 2001. Female service members were particularly hit hard, with higher divorce rates than their male counterparts.

Moreover, it is not just military couples who struggle with marriage breakups when living apart. Other factors, such as jobs or family obligations, can cause irreparable strain on a marriage.

Employment Changes

When one spouse loses or changes his or her job, it can significantly affect a couple’s lifestyle. Changes in schedules, income, and security may cause overwhelming stress and result in a couple divorcing. Research done at Ohio State University discovered that jobless men are more apt to leave their wives than those who are employed and that women are more likely to divorce unemployed husbands than husbands who work full time.

Other Events

A couple may also begin to reevaluate their marriage when their children grow up and move out on their own. A serious illness or the diagnosis of a disability for either spouse or a child could also drive spouses apart. In fact, any life event—even one that seems relatively insignificant at the time—could start a chain reaction that leads to the demise of a marriage.

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