Thinking About Divorce Without an Attorney?

Since the advent of the internet, more and more individuals have become “do-it-yourself”-ers. Regardless of the project or task at hand, there are online resources available to help you figure out how to do it—everything from car repairs to home network management to self-paced study courses to gourmet cooking. In fact, a quick Google search of the abbreviation “DIY” returns more than 1.6 billion results. It is exactly this type of attitude that leads many couples who headed for divorce to think they would be fine with a DIY divorce, foregoing the guidance and assistance of a divorce lawyer. While the do-it-yourself spirit may be admirable, divorce is hardly the arena for learning as you go.

Organization Skills

You may be one of the most organized people that you know, and being organized can serve you very well in day-to-day life. However, your skills will mean very little if you do not fully understand the scope of the divorce process. Divorce is often much more complicated than most people realize and it is easy for a particular document to be misplaced or a deadline missed. As an organized person, you may think that it could never happen to you, but what if you were not even aware that the document was necessary or that the deadline applied to your situation?

A qualified divorce lawyer will take responsibility for keeping the entire process disciplined and organized. He or she will know what considerations apply to your case and when certain paperwork needs to be filed. Your organizational skills will certainly help the situation but relying on them alone could be a dangerous proposition.

Experience Can Prevent Expensive Mistakes

The Illinois Marriage and Dissolution of Marriage Act is available online for anyone to read. It contains virtually of all the statutory provisions that govern marriage, divorce, child custody (now the allocation of parental responsibilities), and other family law concerns in the state. In preparing for your divorce, you could certainly become well-versed in what the IMDMA provides and how it might apply to your case.

Case law, however, is much more difficult to access online but just as important to your divorce. Case law includes rulings from Illinois courts which create interpretations of the statutory laws. A divorce attorney has handled dozens, if not hundreds, of cases like yours and understands the tendencies of the court and the accepted interpretations of the applicable laws. Based on his or her experience, your lawyer could save you thousands of dollars in unnecessary concessions or spousal support, for example, that you might have agreed to in a do-it-yourself divorce.

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