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The Cost of Adoption

There are few things more beautiful than adopting a child. No matter what age, opening the doors of your home to one in need is a heartwarming and joyous occasion. When considering adoption, it is important to understand the process and how much you will likely have to pay to adequately prepare. The adoption process can either be fairly straightforward, or a complex legal landscape for hopefulContinue reading

The Joy of Inter-Family Adoptions

Coverage of last month’s Summer Olympics highlighted the touching story of an American gymnast and her inter-family adoption through which her grandparents formally adopted her and became her legal parents. With the support of a loving family, she was able to pursue her dreams of competing on the world’s largest stage. When a family issue becomes untenable, an adoption by a close family member mayContinue reading

Registering as a Putative Father Can Protect Your Rights

Recent estimates indicate that two out of every five babies born in the United States are born to mothers who are not married at the time. The rate is even higher among certain racial groups and socioeconomic classes. Regardless of ethnicity or income level, single parenthood is a daunting concept, and many unwed mothers often give thought to the idea of putting their child upContinue reading

Abandoned Newborn Found By 9-Year Old Girl

Health officials in Lowell, Indiana—about an hour south of Chicago, just across the state line—say that tragedy seems to have been averted as an abandoned newborn baby is expected to fully recover after being found in a rural backyard. According to reports, the baby girl was found wrapped in a towel, lying in the sun about 100 yards from the street. The infant was takenContinue reading

Proposed Bill Would Make Information More Accessible for Adoptees

Each year in the United States, thousands of children are adopted by parents who offer them a loving home and a caring environment. Many of these children, however, are forced to go through life with very little information about their biological parents, which can create significant challenges as they get older. Over the last several years, efforts around the country, and in Illinois in particular, have attemptedContinue reading

Rights of Grandparents When Raising Grandchildren

There are many different kinds of families. Grandparents in Illinois and the rest of the United States are playing increasingly important parts in the lives of their grandchildren. In some cases, a grandparent fulfills the role of primary caretaker for their grandchildren. But what rights do grandparents have when they look to take on such responsibilities? Legal Authority to Make Decisions When grandparents become involved in raisingContinue reading

Stepparent Adoption in Illinois

Relationships between stepparents and stepchildren can be just as important and strong as the relationships between biological parents and children. Under Illinois law a stepparent can file a petition to legally adopt a stepchild. However, the family must follow the rules and regulations exactly if the adoption is to be successful. The Basics Illinois considers stepparent adoptions related adoptions. Both biological parents must consent to the adoptionContinue reading

Utah Case Highlights Struggle for Same-Sex Adoptive Parents

When the Supreme Court of the United States ruled in favor of recognizing marriage equality for same-sex couples this summer, the decision provided a measure of hope for would-be adoptive parents. For many years, same-sex couples looking to adopt a child faced significant obstacles from state and private adoption agencies, as well as legal barriers in some cases. Despite advancements, however, it seems that the struggle isContinue reading

Adopting a Stepchild in Illinois

As the number of remarried adults in the United States reaches all-time highs, blended families have quickly become a new social norm. More and more individuals are entering marriages with children from a previous relationship. For some, such children can add a level of complexity to the new marriage, as the family must contend with visitation schedules and support orders. For many, though, the children simply addContinue reading