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Thinking About a Move With Your Child? Know the Law

When you are single or married without children, the decision to move to a new city or state is relatively straightforward, at least as far as the law in concerned. The personal aspects of moving may be difficult to deal with, but logistically, the only limits are your budget and your personal desires. The decision to move becomes much more complicated when you have primary parentingContinue reading

Coming Changes to Child Removal and Parental Relocation Laws

As part of a bill that will overhaul a large number of family law provisions in Illinois, there are changes coming in regard to a custodial parent’s ability to move with his or her child. Many around the state are viewing the legislation as significant family law reform, and have lauded its aim to address evolving social ideals. Having already passed the Illinois House and Senate,Continue reading

Child Custody and Moving Out of State

As a divorced or unmarried parent, it is certainly understandable that you will always be looking for an opportunity to improve your life. Finding a new and better-paying job, developing new relationships, or improving existing relationships with friends and family can all contribute to the health and well-being of both you and your child. There are times when such opportunities may even lead you toContinue reading